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Upright Citizens Brigade

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Episode #301 -- Costume Show
The Upright Citizens Brigade tries on the kinky world of costume erotica. Plus the UCB presents the Wolfman Jack sound set for your PC.
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Episode #302 -- Mafia Show
This week on the Upright Citizens Brigade explores the seamy underworld of organized crime.

Episode #303 -- Hospital Show
A man gets his dying wish: a dildo spanking.

Episode #304 -- Band Show
The world’s ugliest rock stars unveil their music videos.

Episode #305 -- Eating Show
Fitness Nazis force the obese underground, where they must eat in secret.

Episode #306 -- College Show
Santa gives children the gift of liquor.

Episode #307 -- Sex Show
To resurrect a fallen agent, the Upright Citizens Brigade invades an orgy.

Episode #308 -- Small Town Show
A quiet small town deals with earthquake parties, dolphin aliens and Armageddon.

Episode #309 -- Technology Show
To save an Astronaut’s life, NASA scrambles to create an alternative space food to Edible Panties.

Episode #310 -- Pro Thunderball
The Upright Citizens Brigade finally reveals the sport of the future: Pro Thunderball.

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